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The Leader of The Opposition Philip Davis has forced a reluctant Prime Minister to appoint the Constituencies Commission under Article 70 of the Constitution.  The Commission is responsible for delimiting the boundaries of the constituencies every five years. The Prime Minister announced in advance that he is not going to change any boundaries. The Opposition PLP says you have to do a population census ( which the FNM has failed to do) and a new registration to determine if the numbers justify any changes. You cannot fetter your discretion in advance.  The Government is already in breach of the  law by  not starting the new registration for the new register.  They intend to hold elections on the old register.  They have to  change the law if they are going to do that beyond October of next year. But this is a lawless government so they do anything.  The members of the Commission are Speaker Halson Moultrie, Chair,  Michael Pintard and Renward Wells for the FNM, Chester Cooper for the PLP, Justice Deborah Fraser for the Supreme Court. This is the first commission in which no one who is serving has any previous experience on delimitation of boundaries.