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Simon Wilson Financial Secretary

There are complaints in legion numbers from the private sector in the country and individuals who provide services in the government and who are employees of the government, about how long it is taking to get paid.  The business community is also up in arms about the strength of the enforcement of the tax laws.  The Finance Ministry is taking a hard line on collecting money.  Recently Financial Secretary Simon Wilsons said that there are some 800 million dollars in real property taxes outstanding and they mean to collect it.  The government has been criticized by economists for not going to the IMF to help with its cash problems.  The present Prime Minister is determined not to do it.  This means that instead,  the country is paying our bills out of cash flow.  So the country can have the credit space in case when a hurricane comes which it will, we have some space to get emergency money to climb back.  It is tough but that’s the way it is folks.