Court of Appeal Re-Instates Charges Against PLPs

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So the defendants in the trial for money laundering and corruption offences who were discharged by the Magistrate in the case have to go back before the Magistrate.  The Court of Appeal with all three judges led by Sir Hartman Longley ruled that the Magistrate got it wrong when he dismissed the charges on the grounds that they were statute barred.  The Court said that the Magistrate had misread the statute as it applied to cases that were electable or triable either in the Supreme Court or in the Magistrates Court. While the six month bar acted on those that were summary only, when a case was electable or triable either way, the limit did not apply even though the case is being tried in the Magistrates Court.  Thus Michelle Wreckly, former Urban Renewal official from Grand Bahama and Chris Symonette, who was a consultant on urban renewal for the Government are back before the Magistrate. The ruling came on 29 May 2019