Craig Flowers Appeal Is Partially Heard

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viagra sales viagra sale times;”>The appeal of the case of Craig Flowers, malady the numbers man, shop and the owner of the FML Group that is now applying for a web shop gaming licence is now before the Court of Appeal and was heard on Thursday 16th April with Justice of Appeal Anita Allen at the head of the panel. The Q C Alfred Sears is leading the case and is trying to get it thrown out on the grounds that the law has now changed so that which was once unlawful namely web shop gaming is now lawful so the behavior should be excused.  Ingenious.  The Court of Appeal adjourned the matter to allow the appellant and his lawyer to get some case law.  What is riding on this some suggest is whether having been convicted of an offence, Mr. Flowers would be considered of good character to be able to qualify for a gaming licence under the new law.  That would be an irony if the man who invented the new way to gamble for Bahamians is excluded because of this conviction being upheld from being lawfully involved.  The law is indeed an ass.