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STEVIE AND SHAUNAE THE OLYMPIC CHAMPIONS: The Golden Twins in Tokyo. It was Steven Gardiner's turn on 5 August 2021 to win gold in the 400 metres at the Olympics. The next day 6 August 2021 day belonged to Shaunae Miller Uibo. Gold again for The Bahamas in the 400 metres. We predict one day she will be our Minister of Sports. CONGRATULATIONS and well done. 6 August 2021. OUR PHOTO OF THE WEEK. They celebrated each other in the stands.



09/12/21 2:01 PM

On Advanced Poll Day in The Bahamas 9 September 2021, some 19,500 people were registered to vote on that day. If they missed that day, they can still vote on Election Day 16 September.  The point here is that they may well have to vote on that day because the 9 September was a study in absolute chaos. Clearly, this was an exercise that neither the Parliamentary Commissioner nor the Prime Minister were ready for.  They made a complete cock up of the whole thing.

People in their 80s and 90s were having to sit or stand in lines for three hours or more to vote. One couple former High Commissioner Richard Demeritte and his wife Ruth stood in line from 8:15 a.m. which is shortly after the polls opened to 12:15 p.m. before they could cast their ballot, something that should take routinely five minutes.

Then there was the cock up of the names on the list.  It used to be at one time that you simply showed up as a Defence Force or Police Officer and you got to vote on advanced poll day. This year, its seems that someone forgot to send the names of the police, prison and defence officers in droves, so many of them were not be able to vote on the 9 September and some will be disenfranchised on 16 September because they are stationed elsewhere on election day.

Two students in Washington D C fought with the officials in Washington for the right to vote on a white ballot for three hours because they had the certificate but were told that they did not make the list. They insisted and finally after three hours they were allowed to vote on a regular ballot.

Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham showed up at the advanced poll station to cast his vote.  He was told that his name was not on the list.  He went to the press and by Jove within hours that was all straight and he was allowed to vote.

At the C I Gibson School, the officer in charge told everyone that they, the voters, could not enter the polling place unless they had a negative pcr test or were fully vaccinated.  There is no such rule.  It took an order from the Commissioner of Police to make him stand down. But yet after that PLPs were harassed on the line and in the polling station by the officers.

Then presiding officers did not seem to know what to do: one of them put the voting card  number on the back of the ballot, not lawful, effectively spoiling the ballot. Sad. Some thirty or so had that problem before it was discovered as wrong in law.

Then they were not allowing the boxes to be sealed before they left for storage overnight.  Again not lawful but then hey who cares about law.

So yet in the face of all of this the Prime Minister ( and maybe he can say so because of it) goes down to Cat Island to say that he has been assured that the FNM won the advanced poll.

PLPs are convinced that he is tiefing the election. We just think this fellow our Prime Minister is in the weirdest and strangest of places called cloud cuckoo land. He must go.




09/12/21 2:54 PM

Elections should not be about running the gauntlet of cranky policemen. The Royal Bahamas Police Fore did not put its best foot forward in the service of the Bahamian people by the men and women its sent out to guard the election process.  Too many reports came of them getting into contentious and emotional tirades with voters and with poll agents on Advanced Poll Day 9 September 2021. The Commissioner ought to give some of these folks a crash course in how to improve their bedside manner.



09/12/21 2:18 PM

Four years after its start the unfinished Government Complex in Eight Mile Rock


History will judge the five (5) former sitting members of Parliament for Grand Bahama harshly for the part they played in this dispensation. The failure of this FNM administration is a direct result of the inattention given to the biblical admonition of “looking out for the least of these amongst us!! Instead, the MP’s have pandered to and concentrated on serving the rich and well connected as priority number one. They, then, cruelly exclaimed that it was the “people’s time.”

Public policy failures and visionless leadership is what has taken its toll on Grand Bahama. Today, the economy stands at its lowest ebb since the 1955 signing of the Hawksbill Creek Agreement which gave birth to the city of Freeport. Today, the Island is almost back to where we first began, stagnated and strangled because of bad policy decisions.

The Island does not have a fully functional hospital.

The Island lacks a fully functional airport, international or domestic; Hutchinson

walked away with the insurance money.

The Grand Bahama Lucayan Hotel purchase, again Hutchinson was allowed to walk away with the insurance money, while the Island has less than 1,000 hotel rooms.

Port Lucaya and the Lucayan strip is in decline.

The Oban signing for East Grand Bahama was nothing more than a fool’s errand, and a public embarrassment.

The outcome of the oil spilt investigation in East Grand Bahama, the findings have not been reported and made public by the Government.

Construction of the Government’s Administrative Complex project in Eight Mile Rock has been abandoned for the last four years, as is the almost completed school in Holmes’ Rock.

Colossal public policy failure is how the five members of Parliament should be held to account for and judged on Election Day, September 16th, 2021, for the last four and a half years of dereliction of duty and gross incompetence. The legacy that will follow Dr. Hubert Minnis and these FNM members is the example of “visionless leadership.”

Brian Seymour



09/12/21 2:16 PM

One Minister of the government told a source that he will not spend another dime of his money in this general election.  He says the best he will do is to help a few disgruntled FNMs with fifty or sixty dollars or so to tide things over but not another dime. He says the population has made their minds up against the FNM.  He says that the Adrian Gibson matter has thrown the whole FNM campaign into disarray  Every doorstep he goes on, they are asking about Adrian Gibson giving a contract to his girlfriend.  Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has decided too that the fix is in and there is nothing they can do to straighten the matter of Adrian Gibson out.  They have to tough it out and hope that their smoke and mirrors campaign works.  The answer they say is to attack Brave Davis and hope that it sticks. Sounds like they have thrown in the towel.



Mitchell With Commonwealth SG

09/12/21 2:55 PM

Senator Fred Mitchell presents a gift on behalf of the Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis at a courtesy call 7 September 2021 to Baroness Patricia Scotland, Secretary General of the Commonwealth. Mr Davis is in MICAL. The book is BREACHING THE GATES by Sean Mcweeney Q C.


Fake News From The Punch

09/12/21 2:20 PM

The Punch has been missing from the streets of Nassau for three weeks. Thank God for small mercies. The owner of The Punch forgot to order paper to print it on so they had to resort to sending the PDF version of it around electronically. That meant a slight respite from the torrent of lies that they parade around. So so no there is no deal  with the Chinese Government and the PLP and no there was no 5k a plate dinner for Brave Davis.  And no there is no investigation into Mr. Davis and his work as an attorney or a public figure and the China Construction company. All lies. The vivid imagination of the miscreant who runs The Punch.






09/12/21 2:15 PM


Last week in an increasingly desperate attempt to win the general election, the Free National Movement released a series of documents which was supposed to show some transfers of huge sums of money to the Leader of the PLP through his wife from a constituent in Cat Island.  On the face of the documents they were as phony as a Shanghai knockoff.  But they went the rounds as is the practice on social media. PLPs were busy: is it true? Is it true?  Instead of deleting it, they helped to spread the FNM’s propaganda around. The Chair of the Party Senator Fred Mitchell debunked the documents as phony but also wrote the U S Embassy here in The Bahamas that confirmed that the documents were not U S Government documents.



09/12/21 2:12 PM

STATEMENT by Mr. MONCUR: On Friday, 27 August, my wife and I were accompanied by a dozen friends and colleagues to the Kendal G.L. Isaacs Gymnasium to be inoculated against the COVID 19 virus.

To our surprise and indeed honour, we were met at the vaccination site by none other than the very engaged and pro-active Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of the United of America Usha Pitts, who, just a few days before, had turned over to Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, a gift from her Government, of tens of thousands of doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

We exchanged courtesies and I expressed to her (and do so again now) my sincerest thanks to President Joe Biden of the United States for his magnanimous gesture of friendship and goodwill.

We were immediately attended to by the gracious health-care staff at the centre; and I must call out Nurse Hanna, Nurse Rolle and Nurse Sweeting, whose meritorious service was commendable.

I encourage all Bahamians who have not yet done so, to get vaccinated. The process is swift, hassle-free and painless. The vaccine is safe; and vaccination is the wisest path to take out of this world-crippling scourge.



09/12/21 2:11 PM

Mical 8 September 2021

On the advanced poll day in The Bahamas which was Thursday 9 September, thousands of people turned up to the polls in Nassau to vote for the candidate of their choice.  The island was awash in yellow for most of the day.  The PLP thinks that the day was a great success and looked forward to victory on 16 September 2021.



09/12/21 2:10 PM

So the police promotions were supposed to have been announced and gazetted a week or two ago.  These are the gazette level promotions from Inspector and up.  However, a strange thing happened. Some policemen  received calls saying they had been promoted and congratulations and all that.  But then they received a second call saying put all of that on hold, do not wear your new stripes and wait until you hear from me.  This caused considerable embarrassment to the officers. So that is the back story since the Government of transparency and accountability did nothing to account for it. Word is that the Minister of National Security Marvin Dames was upset that some of his men were not on the list and so prevailed on the Prime Minister to stop it.  Others say the more likely story is that the Prime Minister was getting push back from MPs of the FNM who had received calls from their people and told the PM that their people were not on the list.  Bottom line, some political level person instructed that the process be stopped until a later date. Wonder how that made the police feel when they went to the polls on Thursday 9 September.



09/12/21 2:04 PM

9 September 2021

There were some 19,500 voters who registered to vote on the advanced poll day in The Bahamas for both voting here and overseas. It is quite simple.  Since the law says that there are to be some 400 voters for each polling division, then it should be simple math and logistics to organize by dividing 19.5k by 400 and you get the number of polling stations you need.  You also have a formula for how many booths you need. Same thing, simple math. It appears, however, that simple math was not taught to the FNM and its government managed election machinery. When people showed up to the polls, the simple process of democracy met long lines, crowds, arbitrary rules, missed names from the list.  You name it, it went wrong.  At the C I Gibson School where Fox Hill was located , the police made up arbitrary rules requiring people to be vaccinated or have a negative pcr test to get into the place.  No idea where the rule came from but the Commissioner of Police soon set that right.  However, it went downhill from there with the police closing their eyes to the excesses of the  FNM and their candidates harassing people on the lines and  the police showing tendentious behaviour toward PLPs who were exercising their right to stand outside the poll.  So if Thursday 9 September is anything to go by, and nothing changes, there will be chaos at the polls next week.  PLP party chair Senator Fred Mitchell said that it was clear that the Prime Minister called this election without thinking about what had to be ready in order to successfully carry out the process.



09/12/21 2:03 PM

Photo image from The Guardian of London in New York on 11 September 2021

So on Saturday 11 September 2021, the Americans marked the 20th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York. Like many of the generation of Jack Kennedy, they remember where they were the day the airplanes struck the World Trade Centre.  Twenty years later, while the ceremonies still go on, memories begin to fade.  The U S President Joe Biden decided he had enough of what that event had wrought.  Their country went into Afghanistan which was the death of the British and the Soviets  just before the U.S.  It turned out to be  a graveyard for the U S.  They went into Iraq, mainly on false intelligence and a false pretext.  It was a graveyard for them again. So now what?  It is difficult to stop a war machine and no doubt within months there will be another conflict which will feed the machine.  However, we think that Joe Biden has gotten a bad break on this whole matter, dealt a bad hand and is doing the best he can with a bad hand on this Afghanistan matter.  Too many people have died, been maimed, including the innocent civilians of  Pakistan and Afghanistan populations by this war machine.  It is really time to give peace a chance. The events  in September 20 years ago should remind us that freedom is not free and that while we think we are doing good in the world and we are safe very much thank you, people are suffering from delusions in some cases but from tragic deprivation.  The swords need to be turned into plough shares.

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