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If you drive around New Providence, there are promotional signs everywhere promoting the click to clear system.  This is a new computer driven, digital platform for everyone to clear their good into the country through Customs.  There have been several reports of glitches in the system. Dr. Geannine Moss, the Comptroller of Customs, in a story by Chester Robards of The Guardian on 18 December 2019 said that the problem is not them but the brokers who because of the new digital requirements had a steeper leaning curve to understand the system. Yeah that’s it the brokers are too dumb to learn the computers.  Here’s what we say.  When the airlines first started to have on line purchases and check in, it was a nightmare but they didn’t blame their customers. They simply adjusted the system to make it easier to navigate. So Madam Comptroller don’t call your customers dumb, how about simply redesigning the system to make it easier.