D’Aguilar Is Lost In Space

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The Minister of Tourism Dionysio D’Aguilar has been getting himself deeper and deeper into trouble.  It is time for the Prime Minister to remove him from all matters having to do with Bahamar.  He is hopelessly conflicted.  The facts are that he is a former Director of the company that owned Bahamar when the failed developer filed for bankruptcy.  During that contentious period with the then Bahamas Government, Mr. D’Aguilar was amongst the most vocal people against the Government and the project. He called the Chinese unfit to be in The Bahamas, said they should not have been given a casino licence.  He has done everything possible to challenge the project and its viability.  When he became a government minister, he continued to bad mouth the project.  Last week he was in the press again decrying what he said were low occupancy rates and the fact that the resorts timetable for construction completion has not been met.  The fact is the resort is up and running. Completion is substantial.  The fact is during the period from September to November, occupancies are low in every hotel.  It is seasonal.  SLS and Rosewood are about to open the other two properties.  Hyatt is about to open the West Wing of their property.  No issues at all.  Yet Mr. D’Aguilar the Minister of Tourism, was bad mouthing the project.  He still has a relationship with the failed developer Ismerlian.  He should step aside voluntarily from any dealings with that hotel or the Prime Minister must remove him.