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Well on the first night of the FNM’s convention, there was only one headline that came out of the convention, which was from all accounts a dry affair. That came from the Minister of Tourism Dionisio D’Aguilar who claimed that by the end of the year there will be 7 million tourists coming to The Bahamas. He claimed that this will be a record year.  First thing: a tourist is defined by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) as a visitor who spends a night in a country, not a cruise ship passenger. Overnight visitors are nowhere near that. So, he fell flat on that.  There will not be 7 million stop over visitors to this country this year. Secondly, Mr. D’Aguilar is taking credit for one thing, the fact that the PLP fought to get Bahamar up and going. He was sitting with the former and failed developer taking cheap shots and trying to stop it from opening.  Now he is taking credit for it.  We just want him to tell the truth. The wider truth is that the FNM can make a claim for nothing since they have come to office.  They have done nothing, approved nothing, built nothing nor started anything. They are reaping what the PLP sowed.