Dame Marguerite is our queen

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dame marguerite is our queen
Prime Minister Perry Christie bows to the new Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling at Government House just after she was sworn in as Governor General. The Chief Justice Sir Michael Barnett and Lady Barnett look on. The photo is by Peter Ramsay of the Bahamas Information Services.

Marguerite Pindling had one helluva year in 1956. She was a photographer’s assistant for Stanley Toogood and a short dark man from East Street won her heart. They married that year. He described her as a Princess. That same year he ran for office and won a seat for the Southern District where they lived with her in laws. She heard the noise of the victory but had no idea what it was all about. For the next 40 something years that act plunged her into a whirlwind of political activity and change, best cialis mind and catapulted her onto the front stage as a symbol of liberation for the women of The Bahamas; the wife of Lynden Pindling, buy viagra the founder of the modern Bahamas.

It took time for the role to mature but 11 years after that marriage and election to Parliament, Lynden Pindling was Premier and she was his consort. Suddenly the women of The Bahamas wanted to be like her, the brown skinned barefoot girl from Andros had arrived. Dame Doris Johnson gave her elocution lessons. She became the pacesetter for style, grace and charm. She carried motherhood into office with the birth of their last child Monique who grew into her adulthood as the daughter of first the man in the land.

Lynden Pindling died in 2000, leaving Marguerite Pindling a widow with grown children and a vacuum. What was she to do? She worked in her civic causes. She wrote a book. However, she came into her own with the campaign of 2012

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. She rallied the troops. She kept saying that it had to be done for Pindling. The grandparents, great grandparents of the PLP rallied around her and mobilized their grandchildren in favour of the PLP. She spoke from the platforms and encouraged the support. It was during that time that the whispers began that one day she could be the Governor General.

Fast forward to the year 2104 and 8th July, on the eve of Independence Day, our 41st anniversary and nearly 14 years after Pindling’s death, Marguerite Pindling, a knighthood in her own right, is now at the top of the heap. As she was sworn in as the nation’s 11th Governor General, Dame Marguerite said that she would unite the nation. The Prime Minister said that all of her predecessors had come from politics and been able to put it behind them when they came into the office. He said he had no doubt that she would be able to do the same. Even the curmudgeons who run the Free National Movement issued a statement welcoming the appointment.

Outside of Government House, the crowds gathered as the new Governor General for the first time, inspected the honour guard. As she walked down the ranks, Marguerite Pindling showed that she had arrived. This time not as the consort of anyone but in her own right. We congratulate her. The crowd whispered: “she is our Queen”.