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The PLP issued three statements during the past week in response to stupid comments from the Minister of National Security Marvin Dames, who is so shameless and devoid of a moral compass, that he continues to double down in public comments, even though what he says is utterly irrelevant. The statements by the PLP were caustic and biting. The Minister continued nevertheless to speak. We publish the PLP’s statements down below and we agree with them.

The problem continues to be the Minister does not know that the game is up. He is coming off as dumb as a cluck. Every time he opens his mouth he digs a deeper hole for himself and makes himself look like a natural ass. That’s what it has come to. We now understand why the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham decided to award the post of Commissioner of Police to Ellison Greenslade as opposed to Marvin Dames. The latter was not fit for the job.

You would have thought that after being judicially condemned in the case by the Magistrate in the Frank Smith case, he would shut up, at least until the appeal was heard, but instead he simply opened his mouth and reinforced why the Magistrate was justified in coming to the conclusion that she did.

The most egregious act this past week though came the day after the police announced that they had killed three men, alleged bad boys, in a House in Blair Estate. The families of the dead men dispute what the police say happened. The families suggest that this was an execution, extra judicially by the police. The Deputy Commissioner answered the allegations by saying that these matters should be put before the coroner. There was no need for any political statement to be made.

Never mind those niceties, the intrepid Minister Marvin Dames leapt in with both feet with the wise words that the police : “did what they had to do”. This immediately reinforced the impression that he as minister was sanctioning extra judicial killings by the police.

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and his government are in a sorry state. His foes press forth from every side. He does not have the intellectual acuity himself to think himself out of a wet paper bag and his Cabinet is like an empty barrel. So he is stuck with the dodos that he has there. Chief amongst them is Marvin Dames.
That is not the country’s problem, however. The Prime Minister must fix it. Big mouth Marvin Dames must resign or be dismissed.

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