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Guardian file photo 30th March 2020

So one of the most clueless of all the FNM Ministers and MPs is Marvin Dames. He who was judicially condemned by a magistrate for his conduct in the case against former PLP Senator Frank Smith. He has a temper problem. He is bearing grudges from his time  on the Police Force and it shows in his decision making. So last week this clueless minister was interviewed by The Tribune and his advice in these times to the poor and dispossessed is don’t confront the police.  Really. After being bottled up in your small shack in St James Road or wherever, and you are at the end of your tether with no water or food and the rent is due and no money, the clueless and insensitive Minister for National Security says don’t confront the police.  Well let’s ask him, if you do what then? Are the police gonna shoot and kill us all? The scene is not so  out of the realm of possibility.  There was such a confrontation in St James Road, all captured on video. The crowd was getting angrier, so what did the police do? He took out his service revolver and fired it into the air. That got their attention. But in an unarmed civilian crowd it also could have killed someone  and then what do you say : “ oops sorry!”.  We argue again that there must be something less than lethal force as a first resort for police officers to accomplish crowd control.