Darron Cash Should Stay Out Of It.

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cialis buy and times;”>image031Darron B Cash, sovaldi sale former Senator, no rx says that he is not on the executive of the FNM and that he has no say in it.  So the question was why get involved in it?  He ventured in the press an opinion that there ought to be an FNM convention.  Problem is his comment was interpreted to mean that he was siding with these gangsters in his party who are trying to bamboozle Hubert Minnis, the FNM’s leader, to hold another convention this year so they could make another run at getting rid of him.  If that was not the intention which Mr. Cash says it wasn’t; then was it wise to get involved?  His intervention fed into the narrative of Candia Dames and her FNM allies that Mr. Minnis needs to be replaced.  Our advice to Mr. Minnis is again to hold his ground and do nothing but continue to prepare the party for elections.  He deserves to make a run as Leader of the party into the general elections.  Let Papa as Hubert Ingraham is often called and who is trying to make an end run at  the leadership again but planting the story that he thinks Loretta Butler Turner ought to replace Mr. Minnis, knowing that he doesn’t mean a word of it. He simply perceives that it will be easier to move Ms. Turner when the time comes for him to make his move.

Mr. Minnis shouldn’t hold any damn convention for what?