Davis Says Sands And Dames Must Go

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Statement by Opposition Leader
In response to Prime Minister on resignation call
For Immediate Release
21st February 2019

The response of the Prime Minister to repeated public calls from both the PLP and FNM leadership for his Ministers to resign or be fired in the aftermath of a judicial condemnation in the Frank Smith case has only intensified and complicated his credibility and trust issues with Bahamians.

How can the PM explain the award of a $1.8 million contract to the virtual complainant days before she is to testify?

What about the manipulation of evidence as was done to the call logs? Perhaps the PM would want to explain those actions.

A Minister of the government, no less the National Security Minister, tampering with a witness in a criminal case at his political headquarters? This is new, unheard of and sets a dangerous precedent. The PM should also explain this. 

 His response to calls for his ministers to resign or be fired is that these repeated calls “have no sense”. This is alarming as it displays that his government’s incapacity to govern is rooted in their lack of appreciation for the rule of law and what is required of them to govern. 

This is also frightening.

The Prime Minister continues to be duplicitous and selective in his application of Westminster conventions.

I again remind the Prime Minister that it was he who made corruption the cornerstone of his election campaign, albeit dishonestly.

It was he who told Bahamians and the world at Government House that he would discipline members of his caucus for wrongdoing.

The Prime Minister went further, jetting off to international events calling Bahamians corrupt with no evidence, but when presented with tried, tested and sworn evidence of misconduct, wrongdoing and breach of public trust, he shirks, deflects and condone this wrongdoing – essentially defending the indefensible.

His cabinet sub committee accused his government of breaking the law on Oban; the PM misled Parliament on Oban and presided over a fraudulent public signing ceremony on Oban. In the face of all of this, he swept every corrupt act under the carpet and shouldered on.

He has another opportunity on Friday in Grand Bahama to not only talk the talk but walk the walk. He must announce the resignation or firing of Carl Bethel, Duane Sands and Marvin Dames.

Any and all attempts to deflect from this unwitting scandal, change the subject and make it about the PLP will only weaken his already tenuous leadership position and deepen his credibility and trust deficit with the public.