Defending Anthony Moss MP

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cialis canada times;”>Anthony Moss MP for Exuma and Ragged Island has been elected to Parliament on 3 separate occasions.  The last time he was elected to office, he did so with the largest majority ever.  Now comes a vicious attack on him in The Tribune, using leaked documents,  said to be minutes of a meeting held in Exuma on 7 April at which the people largely the leadership of the PLP in Exuma, there gathered decided that they no longer want him as a representative and prefer to nominate I Chester Cooper as the nominee.  Mr. Cooper is the  CEO of BAF Financial and has spent considerable time in the last year nursing the constituency.  Mr. Moss in response said that he was not surprised at what has happened but he will choose to say when or if he intends to run again in and around the annual budget debate.  Our point in raising this is that the retired politician George Smith, a former Exuma MP, did a great disservice to Anthony Moss by saying that he has not represented the constituency well in that Tribune article.  The evidence of the growth in the constituency is there for all to see in public infrastructure and in jobs.  The  evidence simply does not support the statement of Mr. Smith.  However, the greater point is: what does it profit the PLP for a senior  figure in the PLP such as him to publicly attack one of its sitting members?  Who benefits from that?