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So after days of speculation in the social media press, the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis finally fessed up with this line of bull to defend the fact that the number two man on the Covid Task Force and the Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr. Delon Brennen had disappeared from New Providence and  was said to be living in the United States. Now you have to take Dr. Minnis’ explanation with a grain of salt. He has no compassion for people; he has the reputation for being  cold, vengeful, calculating and with loyalty to no one but himself.  So you have to ask yourself when you read this poppycock from him about being concerned about Dr. Brennen and his family unity, what is the real reason for the doctor getting a sweetheart deal to work  his job from Washington D C?  What body does he know is buried and where it is?  We have no problem with Dr. Brennen, but this wicked Prime Minister we do not trust.

So here is what the Prime Minister told Eyewitness News on 20 October 2020:

“There are rumours on social media and other media entities that Delon Brennen is not here in New Providence, that he has moved,

“It is true Delon Brennen is still employed with the ministry. He is deputy chief medical officer. He has relocated [to] join his family.

“His family lives in Maryland and Delon is stationed at the Washington, DC, office, the embassy.

“He works virtually every day, by the ministry. As a government and as a people we would want to encourage families to be together…

“You don’t necessarily have to live on that particular landmark to be employed.

“I would urge all Bahamians to be technologically savvy and advance because our jobs in the future can be jeopardized because an individual can be living in Ireland or New Zealand and working in Scotiabank, etc.

“So, we must take advantage of it. So, once we are technologically advance, we too can be living in New Providence and working at Wall Street or whatever.

“Delon Brennen is a perfect example. He’s stationed in Washington and he’s employed.

“If it’s necessary at any point in time that he needs to come to New Providence — a presence is required — then he will come.

“Outside of that, he is working virtually every day.

“We would not want to discourage families from… being together and I would think that everybody would want to encourage families being together.”