Deputy Prime Minister Responds To The Tribune

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health times;”>10 March 2016
Statement by The Hon. Philip Brave Davis
Deputy Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas

The use of an untested affidavit to make allegations that smear my character is irresponsible. It is astounding that a newspaper of record would stoop to such nonsense. This is indeed a new low even for The Tribune. I condemn it.

The only conclusion for printing the affidavit was to create political mischief. This kind of political gamesmanship is unbecoming. It is clear from the morning daily story that I have no connection to this matter, so it is clear that the only intention is to smear.

I express my deepest disapproval of this level of uncivil, indecent, uncultured act by the Tribune crafted in their haste to spew lies.

This is indeed shameful!

End –