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Watching the House of Assembly is painful these days.  The folk who have 34 seats now reduced to 33, that is the FNM government, and their Members of Parliament, think that they are the smartest people in the world.  Their performances in the House come off like something from a Gilbert and Sullivan opera. It is a comedy.  Examples. On Wednesday 9th October 2019, they would not let the Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis finish his explanation about the report from the Pacific Disaster Centre whose experts have helped The Bahamas in every hurricane for the last ten years. The Speaker Halson Moultrie, not the brightest bulb in the firmament, started off by suggesting that  the report was not helpful because these experts dealt with Pacific Hurricanes and we here in the Atlantic. Hmmm. Then the two geniuses Marvin Dames, who in a word needs to reign and carry his ass, gets up and challenges the authenticity of the report from the Defence Force. He claimed that the  wanted to know who in the Force Mr. Davis spoke to.  There is only Defence Force he said. What a  jack ass.  Mr. Davis told him, the RBDF officer at NEMA, a briefing arranged by the Government was the source. Uh Oh! Egg on your face. Mr. Bannister he wanted to know why Mr. Davis was accepting a report from a foreign expert. He had a malevolent smile on his face as he said it. The devil was obviously busy. Here was a case of a report by experts supplied to the Opposition in a briefing by NEMA, arranged by the Government. So the Government was impugning its own report. What a time we have in this place. Oh lord how long.