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generic cialis times;”>brian_seymoreIn the early 1970’s the people in government of Jamaica was the subject of being destabilized.  The country was brought to its economic knees.  The reason the country was destabilized was because of geopolitical consideration of those days.   It was thought that the Manley government had become too cozy with Castro’s Cuba, best cialis who was a satellite dependency on Russia.  Today forty years later, the Jamaican dollar is worth $110 Jamaican dollars against $1 U.S. dollar. 

On the political front Cuba and America, forty years later, have all but normalize relations, the Castro brothers are still very much in charge of the country, and the old political considerations of the 70’s have all but vanished.  Nevertheless, Jamaica’s economy is still reeling from being destabilized in the 70’s.  That in a nutshell is the dangerous price of a country being destabilized.  All right thinking Bahamians should take note.

At the last sitting of Parliament, three members of the government’s PLP namely Mr. Leslie Miller, the Honorable Jerome Fitzgerald, and the Honorable Fred Mitchell all cited the Save the Bays Environmental Group at its essence was nothing more than a Trojan horse being used as an instrument to destabilize the duly elected government of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.  As proof of their assertions, they read from e-mails into the record of the House detailing facts about the environmental group that were inconsistent with the grouping’s cause.  The assertions that were made in the House were serious and bordering on sedition if proved to be true.  Save the Bays will have to answer for their behavior.  Save the Bays swiftly reacted by going to court and receiving injunctions preventing the MP’s from releasing anymore damning information that might booster the cause of the three MP’s assertions.

All MP’s be they PLP, FNM, or Independent, are sworn to protect and defend the constitution of the Bahamas against all forces that would seek to undermine our institutions, and further these MP’s are sworn to promote the peace order and good governance of the Bahamas.

Parliament is therefore duty bound to act, if we have modern day Guy Fawkes’ or Judas’ amongst us they should be exposed and dealt with according to law.  Parliament has the unique privilege through its committee on privilege of being able to send for person and papers.  Parliament is duty bound to use their unfettered right through this committee to reach the bottom of this most unpatriotic act against democracy.

The fourth estate seems unwilling to ask the tough questions, that is, who, what, when, where, and why.  Who is puppet master pulling the strings; what is the ultimate goal of Save the Bays; where is the money coming from; when did this organization morphed into a political organized grouping; and, why would a citizen of the Bahamas collude with outside forces to undermine our beloved country? 

Could it be that this exercise of destabilizing the Bahamas government ultimate goal is devaluation our currency and then buying up our vast real estate holdings throughout the country for pennies on the dollar and rendering our people economic slaves forever?  All well thinking Bahamians should reflect on Jamaica’s $110 to U.S. $1.00.                            Brian Seymour