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So Diane Philips, the public relations lady, parades herself around as this sweet charming figure who cannot hurt a fly.  Certainly works on some but there is a darker side to the portrait.  She is allied with Fred Smith, the Q C in Grand Bahama and that is not a good thing. She proved that pushing this silly article in the Tribune last week praising Louby Georges, who we call affectionally Loopy Georges, as some kind of big hero because he caused a trouble in the Haitian community, essentially misleading the country about the last Government’s policy toward immigration.  She claims he is a hero.  He is not. In our view, steps ought to have been taken to revoke both the citizenship of Mr. Smith and Mr. Georges. Nevertheless, we have to register the fact that Diane Philips wrote false and defamatory stuff in this recent article about Fred Mitchell  when he was immigration minister,  She a has to be called out on it. The article should be trashed for what it is, a propaganda piece. Not worth the paper it is written on.