Dick Lightbourn Comes To Loretta’s Rescue

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viagra buy viagra times;”>They all sat silent (all FNM Members including the Leader of the Opposition) in the House of Assembly as the Speaker told Loretta Butler Turner to sit her ass down and shut up.  She was not going to wag the dog on Wednesday morning 21 October as the House of Assembly met.   Ms. Butler Turner was trying to speak she says on behalf of her people in Long island who had suffered much during the Hurricane Joaquin.  She said she had not been in the House since September and was the only MP on the Opposition side to have had constituents affected by the hurricane.   She does have a right to speak for her constituents.  What Mrs. Butler Turner has the habit of doing though is grandstanding and taking an opportunity to simply scorch the earth in her mad campaign to become Leader of the FNM. 

viagra remedy times;”>The Leader of the FNM sat in the House with his hands under his chin and watched with bemusement.  Later Richard Lightbourn MP who said nothing in the House of Assembly wrote a letter to the press agreeing with Mrs. Butler Turner that the House of Assembly was undemocratic because she was not allowed to speak.  He didn’t remember to say that while he was in the House but must have caught as second wind when he went home.  The coup de grace though was Mrs. Butler Turner picked up her bundle and left the House in a huff went downstairs and spoke to the waiting NB 12 cameras to say complete with tears coming from her eyes that she was prevented from speaking to her people.  Boo Hoo Hoo.  Give us a break.