Dion Says He Aint Going Nowhere

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sildenafil sovaldi times;”>The photo and headline comes from the website of The Tribune, the online version of the newspaper daily in The Bahamas. The photo and headline were from a story based on remarks made by Dion Smith MP PLP and Deputy Speaker of The House of Assembly  who is also the Chair of the Bahamas Agricultural Industrial Corporation.  The press had become to label him as a dissident.  There is a fundamental difference though.  Mr. Smith is a second generation PLP.  He is steeped in it so there was no possibility or chance that the dissent expressed by Mr. Smith could be seen or interpreted in the kind of smart ass terms of Andre Rollins and Greg Moss, the two rouge PLP MPs: the former is virtually out the door and the latter took himself out last week.  In a line Mr. Smith told the House that he is PLP and there is no chance of him jumping ship.  Amen brother. Here is what Ava Turnquest reported in his own words from the address delivered in the House on Wednesday 10th June.

“I’m not jumping ship. I’m going to keep my government’s feet to the fire to continue to do what is right so that we can build a stronger Bahamas together. That is what I was sent to this House for, and that is what I will continue to do.

 “I signed on in the last election with the great Progressive Liberal Party as a new generation candidate. I, along with my youthful colleagues, set out to ensure that our party remains in touch with the issues and challenges facing the new Bahamas.

 “Not all that enter the race will finish. Some will become wary and some will fall by the wayside but I, Dion D Smith, I have my eyes on the prize and I remain focused.

“I say to our leader and the present captain of this good ship, I have learned a lot in the past three years and I am willing, ready and able to represent my generation at whatever level I am needed.”