Dion Smith Defends His Good Name

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Dion Smith who was treated like a criminal when the police mistakenly kept him in jail overnight looking for two speakers, a computer hard drive and a TV set. Turns out all the stuff belonged to him. The police descended shortly after the general election with guns drawn (semi- automatics) if you please, and ski masks and fatigues to arrest nine of the employees at the Bahamas Agricultural Industrial Corporation where Mr. Smith was then the Chairman. Then they unceremoniously announced that it was all a mistake. Mr. Smith speaking to the Nassau Guardian on Thursday 21 July told The Guardian of his fears about what the country was becoming. The Guardian chastised him in an editorial saying that he was engaging in hyperbole. Of course tell that to his daughter whose sleepover with her friends got cancelled because parents were afraid that the police might come to invade the premises while their children were there. We are not surprised of course, Candia Dames, the Manging Editor of The Guardian is the sister of the Minister of National Security Marvin Dames. So whatever Marvin does is well done.