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This is the picture of the wicked and dirty deed of The Bahamas Government when they allowed Disney to sign in secret a deal to develop one of the most pristine areas of The Bahamas for 250 million dollars.  They say The Bahamas is to get some 6.25 million dollars of land back out of the deal for the development of national park.  The issue is why was it signed in secret.  It was signed on Thursday 7th march without any press there.  It was then announced while the Prime Minister was on his travelling road show in The Bahamas at a town meeting with the people of Eleuthera.  They have now promised after the Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis made noise to lay the agreement on the table in the House of Assembly on 20th March 219 when it reconvenes. It must have the utmost scrutiny.  This government cannot be trusted as far as the end of your nose.