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The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, wife and grandson are in Abaco this weekend. The reports are that he joined several ministers of the Government up there. The Prime Minister went to Grand Bahama earlier in the week to make an announcement that counteracted what the PLP Chairman was doing in Grand Bahama the week before. The Prime Minister is in campaign mode.

The rules say you must quarantine when you go to these islands from New Providence. Do these ministers and the Prime Minister do so?

Certainly there was no evidence that the Prime Minister did so in Grand Bahama.  He did the same thing that Senator Fred Mitchell did when he landed in Grand Bahama which was to have a press conference immediately upon arrival.  He then spent three hours there and went back to Nassau.  No evidence of a negative Covid test and no evidence of quarantine. He brought a staff of three with him.

The rules don’t make sense then.  The examples we just gave are  but an example of the nonsense that we now face.  The FNM is trying to be half pregnant with Covid and it is not working.

They do not seem to see the irony of a Prime Minister who less than a  month ago was saying that we would all die without a lockdown of the country in its entirety and  a now a total opening of the country with the numbers of deaths and infections higher than ever.

The report is that the Covid is out of control in The Bahamas. The numbers will go even higher as schools reopen in October. The numbers are widespread and one very island.  In Crooked Island three days ago, two patients had to be airlifted as Covid suspects.

What is clear is that the Prime Minister does not know what to do?  The FNM is hopeless at managing this crisis. In circumstances, we must call an election to determine whether or not the Bahamian people want to allow the FNM to continue or give someone else a chance.