Do We Know The Real Debt Story In Our Country?

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It is important that the PLP gets back to office if we are to know the truth about the debt  and the financial situation of The Bahamas. The present FNM Government has been involved in so many deceits and sleights of hand that it is difficult to know what is truth from fiction. There is great concern that apart from the central government’s fiscal position, the public corporations like Water and Sewerage are so out of control in their debts that the situation is precarious. The fiscal strategy report which the Government recently issued is so poorly constructed that some analysts says they can run a truck through the assumptions. Once you can undermine one assumption, the others become suspect. They say for example that the Government expects to sell their stake in Aliv, the telephone company for 75 million dollars. The market experts say this is highly unlikely and certainly questionable. They predict that they will get another 75 million from a solar project that they intend to launch. Again, this is highly questionable, It reminds you of the foolish decision made by the Ingraham administration to sell BTC, the phone company.  Selling the house to save the furniture. The PLP must win.