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On Friday 3 April 2020, the Doctor’s Hospital posted the notice that they were closing the hospital for the medical version of the airline company’s deep cleaning.  The protocol had somehow been breached and the place where the sick go to be healed was in fact infected with the Covid 19 virus.  The Government must have known on 2 April 2020 but did not disclose it.  The story is that the nurse at one of the clinics infected  patients who infected others and well one man died.  A doctor had to  be placed on a ventilator to have assistance with his breathing.  Panic stations throughout the country  Now there are three dead from Covid 19 related illnesses.  This is the surge that  the public officials are expecting.  It sacred everyone to death except that crew that threw a large birthday party in their neighbourhood. Rest of us were shaking our heads at how the Doctors Hospital of all places could get itself in this predicament. And that after  the death  of the first patient from Covid 19 and the failure to airlift her from Bimini until 30 hours had expired, people keep asking whether the country is indeed ready to fight this.