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Dr, Millesande Bassett is now a household name in The Bahamas. She led a strike of the junior doctors at the public hospital facilities in The Bahamas. The doctors walked out on Wednesday 21 August 2019.  They said that the government had reneged on the commitment to pay holiday pay and their vacation pay.  The hospital announced that it would only be doing emergency services in Nassau and in Freeport.  This was the younger generation flexing its muscles.  The next day public servants marched on the Cabinet Office to demand their pay promised a 1200 lump sum the Prime Minister said would be paid to them before the school year opened. The deal was nixed by Peter Turnquest, the Finance Minister, who said that he could not pay. The story is that the Royal Bank of Canada refused to extend the government’s overdraft as the overdraft was run up passed the authorized 90 million dollars to 102 million.  This is  the reality of governing.  The FNM thought they were coming into a perfect world.  They found out the reality is different. The same people who were praising them two years ago as saviours are now saying we want Barabbas.