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The question is really a rhetorical one. He has no idea what he is doing.  That is plain and obvious on its face.  Example, he announces that he is going to shut the whole country down for 7 days because the cases are rampant and we are all gong to die if nothing drastic happens.  The next day when people take to the streets to protest,  he cancels the lockdown and says it’s because there is a  storm coming, so he is opening up again and we are free to go where we want to.  Mind you the storm was 1000 miles away.  Then with great anticipation that he is going to a lockdown again, he announces instead that the country is open for business again. Mind you the deaths and infections were higher than the week before. Go figure.  As we said: the question of whether he knows what he is doing is rhetorical.  The only question is whether he is doing this because of malice or by ignorance.