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Louby Georges

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It must be a helluva thing to be born to Haitian parents and raised in this country. We think it’s neither here nor there because regardless of national origin every human being has intrinsic worth. In fact there are so many success stories of Haitian descent in this country: Dupuch, Perigord, Newry, Foulkes, Poitier, we wonder why people make the claim of discrimination

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. We write about this today because there is a young man who has a radio show on Guardian Radio that specializes in spewing forth bitter and bile, all because it seems he was born in The Bahamas to Haitian parents and he has a problem with that and his supposed lack of acceptance  in this society.

His name Louby Georges and it is great pity that an otherwise smart fellow can’t seem to rise above his bitterness, whatever the cause and simply be a Bahamian citizen tried and true and dedicate himself to this country.  Instead: bitterness and bile using a false premise and false logic.


Fred Smith Q.C.

Cleola Hamilton MP for South Beach and the Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when speaking in the House of Assembly on Thursday 19th February had a similar thing to say about Fred Smith Q C.  She said he seems to suffer from an inferiority complex, a kind of mental illness if you like, that makes him so unbalanced that he cannot see the forest for the trees.

We must make no mistake about it.   We (none of us) should be so self-absorbed that we cannot see how bitter we are and how destructive we are. It appears that he is driven by money, by fame and by an instinct to destruct anything that smacks of order, even as he has risen to become one of the more successful lawyers in the country.  Of late, he has been saying so many foolish things that one wonders how in the name of heaven he actually qualified to become a Q C.


The two people then are in that sense a lethal combination.  Mr. Smith appeared on the Louby Georges show on Tuesday 17th February and the results incensed Bahamians from across the country.  So inflammatory they said were the words that they called the Minister of Foreign Affairs to complain to ask what the Minister planned to do.  There were all sorts of suggestions: they should be charged with treason; they should be banned from the airwaves.  People are suspicious that Mr. Georges and Mr. Smith were speaking in Creole and therefore telling secret things to the large Haitian population which the general English speaking population cannot understand.  The accusation was made that Mr. Smith had invited the Haitian population to revolt against the Government. He insisted to the press that he did not.

The Nassau Guardian that hosts the show said that it would not take Mr. Georges off the air after previous complaints, pleading in aid and comfort the right to freedom of speech.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell speaking in the House of Assembly on the matter asked the population to be calm. He said on 18th February that he would report the matter to URCA to review the content and then take the matter from there. He also said in response to the suggestions made by Mr. Smith that no foreigner had to answer to immigration officers; that the Department had been informed by opinion of the Attorney General that they were acting within the law.

Later in the week, Mr. Smith was at it again this time getting a Judge to grant an emergency order with only one side present to stop the Department of Immigration he said from deporting his client a Canadian businessman.  Mr. Smith went running to the press saying that this was the first time that the courts had overturned a deportation order.  


This is using the courts for political fodder and it should be resisted at all costs.


Here is the bottom line then.  If you grow up in a society where the dominant culture is always saying negative things about you because of your ancestry and that appears is the case and complaint of both Mr. Georges and Mr. Smith, you can have one of two reactions.  To take it and make something of yourself and rise above it or you could get embittered by it and consumed by it. 


Both men should learn and accept that there is nothing wrong with being Haitian or of Haitian descent.  Self-hatred and self-loathing is a terrible thing. It often requires professional help to solve it.  The Minister for Foreign Affairs cannot solve that problem for them if they hate being Haitian.  Martin Luther King says the content of your character is all that counts. Unfortunately for them in this scenario, their real problem is not whether they are Haitian or not.  That is irrelevant. Their real problem is the content of their characters.

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