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Last week, the Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest suddenly found religion.  According to one press report, Mr. Turnquest is going to start a fresh campaign to collect all the real property taxes that are outstanding.  When the PLP was in power it was like 500 million dollars outstanding.  Our bet is most of it is uncollectible. Never in a million years will it be collected. Our bet is that the safest thing to do is to go back two years and write it all off, if people come in and make good. Simple and easy.  No Mr. Turnquest has decided  that he is going to get fresh software and that they are going to go do door to door and harass people to pay up or else. That should be very popular.  We say carry on smartly.  This is the second person , public official in a week, to be called aptly a smart ass.  Having scrapped the revenue collection  unit of the PLP he met in place, he also announced guess what, he is coming back with a revenue collection unit.  Lord help to save us from these fools.