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File photo of Dr. Hubert Minnis and the Attorney General Carl Bethel announcing state of public emergency.

The National Address by Dr. Hubert Minis last Monday to the Bahamian people was as idle as it was vacuous. You could see right through it.  He had nothing to say. It was, however, an exercise in grandstanding and political showboating. He is using the crisis to promote himself as a dynamic leader.  Then there was a video which was circulated by the Minister of National Security who looked so wooden. We wondered if he actually knew how to read.  He was trying to send a word of encouragement to the troops But this is all a set piece for the campaign.  They have hired a hot  shot  political expert from the Nassau Guardian and he is no doubt writing the speeches and  giving advice on  how to make themselves palatable to the public.  News for them though.  Stick a fork in them, They like that turkey in the oven.  They are done.