Dr. Minnis is no leader

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recipe times;”>30th August 2015
levitra times; font-size: medium;”>Dr. Minnis is no leader
Bradley B. Roberts
National Chairman
Progressive Liberal Party
Dr. Minnis was again in the media recently talking about leadership; who is strong and who is weak in leading his organization. He also indicated that he would introduce anti-corruption legislation should he become Prime Minister. I offer some unsolicited advice to Dr. Minnis on this question of leadership, a subject he seems so fascinated with, but consistently demonstrates such little understanding of.
I strongly urge Dr. Minnis to lead by example and begin the process by prosecuting himself over his ongoing conflict of interest. To his detriment, he stubbornly refuses to admit and recognize that he as president benefitted from the more than $900,000 his company Leechez Investment received from the Public Hospital since 2005 for the lease on the Stat Care building. He talks about creating new anti-corruption laws when he refuses to comply with existing laws such as the Public Disclosure Act. Unethical and unlawful conduct continues to define Minis’ brand of leadership.
Minnis is in violation of the Public Disclosure Act so how could he as leader be expected to demand and compel others to comply with the law when he himself is in violation of this legislative code of ethical conduct. Conflict and unlawful behavior represent Minnis’ brand of leadership.     
Loretta Butler-Turner publicly defied Minnis as opposition leader on numerous policy issues including taxation, mortgage relief and constitutional reform. Minnis wasn’t man enough to open his mouth stand up to Butler-Turner and assert his authority as leader of the FNM.
When Loretta Butler-Turner physically assaulted and battered Dr. Andre Rollins in the precinct of the House, Minnis, who had so much to say about leadership, integrity and accountability, did not say one word even though he knows full well that assault and battery is a criminal offence under Bahamian law. Complicity with unlawful behavior is another brand of Minnis’ style of leadership.
When Minnis justified his dismissal of Senator Heather Hunt from the Senate by stating that he was imposing two year limits on his senate appointees, he pretended the new policy did not apply to Kwasi Thompson, a reported family member who sat in the senate for three years. Also, Carl Bethel has been in the senate for two years so it is interesting to see if this selective policy applies to Senator Carl Bethel. That is not leadership Dr. Minnis – that is cronyism, deceitfulness, intellectual dishonesty and rank duplicity.
So when the FNM talks about friends, family and lovers – Bahamians just laugh, whistle and point.
The incoming PLP appointed board of the Public Hospital Authority (PHA) ordered a forensic audit of the management and operational processes of the authority, especially of the administration and internal controls covering prescription drug plan. The audit findings were deplorable but when the media asked Minnis if he was aware of these gross irregularities, he said that he was unaware of the serious problems plaguing the prescription drug plan. As the substantive minister, Minnis was clearly asleep at the wheel.   
Bahamians know that Dr. Minnis might be a lot of things, but a leader he is not. The Bahamas has never had to endure a party leader as weak, indecisive and duplicitous as Minnis. His dismal record is shamefully clear so the next time Minnis opens his mouth to talk about leadership, I urge Bahamians to do three things: to LOL, BOL, or KML.