Dr. Minnis’ Travelling Road Show in Exuma

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The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis landed in Exuma on Friday 15 March on his own private plane even though there was a sparkling Bahamasair 737 on the tarmac that could have flown him there at commercial rates. This is the same Prime Minister who in opposition complained about travel expenses. Our quarrel is this: he has been on the road every week going from island to island at so called Town Hall meetings. In the last week he has been in Eleuthera, Exuma and Andros. Near as we can tell nothing accomplished save that he is campaigning to keep his government in office He allows no questions from the public and he also ordered all public servants in each island to attend or else. So. what follows then is why should public funds be expended for this travelling road show. The Opposition PLP must raise this and insist that there be equal treatment. And if the PLP cannot be funded for the same thing then he must stop the road show or pay for it himself.