Dr. Minnis’ Young Candidates

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On Thursday 22 December, Hubert Minnis the FNM Leader, announced the candidacy of two new young men Adrian Gibson to replace Loretta Butler as the FNM’s candidate for Long Island and James Albury who works for the The Abaconian newspaper.  Mr. Gibson is 35, Mr. Roberts 23.  He joins Travis Robinson who is 21 and is the FNM’s candidate for Bain and Grants Town.  The idea is to portray a vision of youthfulness.  However he needs to be warned after you see what happened to the PLP and its youth candidates and next generation candidates in 2012.  It does not mean success; and does not necessarily  bode well.  It appears this goes to their heads and they implode.   Mr. Gibson is from the Fred Smith Q C School of Loony Public Policy so that will tell you what we are in store for.