Dr. Nicola Virgil Rolle Flies Away To Lyford Cay

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We tell this story. In the United States, when the Presidents start heading toward his third year in office, his staff starts looking for new jobs. They have no idea what’s going to happen when the next administration comes in or even if the old one continues.  If the fortunes are particularly bad for the incumbent, the rats start fleeing off the ship like crazy. That’s the problem Hubert Minnis faces. He is on a sinking ship and he couldn’t despite a free vacation in Cat Island for Patrick Ward, get him to take the job of Minister of State for Finance. But a clear signal came of the trouble he is in when Dr. Nicola Rolle, nonpartisan, a stable figure, ruffles no feathers and the wife of the Governor of the Central Bank, gave up the job without ceremony of the Director of National Insurance. The Minister for National Insurance Brensil Rolle said the resignation took him by surprise. We bet.