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Politics is an all or nothing game, sometimes.  You cannot be half pregnant and you cannot straddle the fence for long. We say that in the context of the double declarations made Dr. Duane Sands MP, sacked by Hubert  Minnis as Minister of Health, and now desperately searching round for a role in life. From the public declarations, the only one who knows you can stick a fork in him is Dr. Duane Sands. The political community knows that Dr. Sands will not be renominated by Dr. Minnis to run again. The FNM already has a putative candidate running in the field. Dr. Sands is trying to  search around for an independent run.  We suggest to him that this might be good for his manhood but a fool’s errand. So clever language and  cutting the baby in half won’t help. Dr. Sands told Eyewitness News on 27 October 2020 that  the FNM is in trouble, he does not support the continued lockdowns but Hubert Minnis can win. So now he has become a public commentator. Here is what he said in his own words:

“I believe the FNM can win with Hubert Minnis at the helm.

“We’ll just have to understand exactly what the challenges are and deal with them.

“Right now the FNM finds itself discordant from the views and opinions of many Bahamians. I think we’re out of step, we’re out of sync with so many Bahamians.

“Bahamians are forgiving people until they reach the end of the road. They want to hear you recognise that you hurt me, you recognise you could’ve done something different and you didn’t do it and if you change your ways, man come here, don’t do it again, let me love you up, kiss you up, [I will] give you another chance. I think there is a possibility (Bahamians will forgive the FNM). To my colleagues, understand we have to redouble our efforts sincerely.

“I would have made it very clear that there are no options off the table, but the one thing I’m going to say is my ma didn’t raise no fool and the last thing I’m going to do is telegraph what my strategy and plan is at this point. Let us see how things play out.

“Right now, Duane Sands is an active, loyal member of the Free National Movement and is proud to be so. He is a representative to the people of Elizabeth having gone to the polls three times, having lost twice, and finally gaining the confidence of the people of Elizabeth. I don’t intend to lose that…

“That [ his leading the party]  is not on the table.

“At this point, there is one leader at a time and until we go to a convention and change that leader, and I’m not aware of any convention that is planned, the FNM is led by Hubert Alexander Minnis.

“ In order to lead, you must first follow, you have to be able to follow.

“After the 2016 convention, which was won by Hubert Minnis and Peter Turnquest, I made it clear to the now prime minister that he would have my support, he would have my allegiance, he would have my loyalty and I have done exactly that.

“I believe it’s very important that even though you differ on matters of policy, if you have agreed on a particular role, play it to the best of your ability.”