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Eyewitness News photo

Even The Tribune is getting  brave in its latter years. Dr. Duane Sands really thought he was saying something when he challenged the record of what happened with the souls who went missing after Hurricane Dorian last year in September in Abaco. You will remember and we publish it below this week, that Frankie Campbell, the Minister for Social Services told the country that 1208 people were missing.  The country has been demanding answers ever since then, about where are these people.  The official  tally is now 74 down from 1208.  But how did it get there? Dr. Sands was there and said nothing in the midst of this confusion.  Now from the safety of the backbench, he claims that names simply disappeared from the list when the  list was turned over to the Royal Bahamas Police Force.  So over to you Marvin Dames, Mr. Calamity and Dr. Sands’ cohort in the scandal of fixing up cases.  Silence so far.  Over to you Dr. Hubert Minnis who when asked by the press about the double standard in the treatment of Dr. Sands and other ministers says that he has moved on.  Dr. Sands cannot act like Pontius Pilate, he must come clean and tell us all that he knows. There ought to be an official police inquiry into possible malfeasance in office and certainly the PLP ought to see to it that when they come to office, there is a Commission of Inquiry into this matter.