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The die is cast.  He has crossed the Rubicon.  Any of those expressions you want to use but it looks like Dr. Duane Sands has separated himself from the competent authority, the Prime Minister.  In an interview last week with the Our News and also reported in the Nassau Guardian, Dr Sands said that he, the Member of Parliament for Elizabeth, an FNM member less, and recently booted from the Cabinet, will not be voting for the extension of the  emergency order which the Prime Minister wants to continue his dictatorial powers, using Covid 19 as an excuse. Dr. Sands said the concentration of power in the hands of one man had gone on for long enough and it was time to give it a rest.  We agree; the PLP will not be doing so either.  So Dr. Sands is late to the table.  Brave Davis, PLP leader, said so from the very beginning, decrying the one man show. The position of Dr. Sands comes after the Prime Minister’s friends have said that they do not intend to re-nominate Dr Sands to run for the FNM .  Dr. Sands has reportedly decided he will run as an independent.