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Things get curiouser and curiouser. Dr. Duane Sands should resign or be fired. There are three reasons we think so.

Barbara Hanna  was the star witness in the case that the FNM trumped up against former PLP Senator Frank Smith. The evidence in the case revealed that Dr. Sands gave a contract, bypassing the Public Hospitals Authority’s board with multi millions of dollars to Ms. Hanna to clean the Prince Margaret Hospital just before she was scheduled to testify for the Government in the case.  When the Government lost the case, her contract was not renewed.

Dr. Sands told the country that the Government and its agencies were ready for Covid 19.  That meant the personal protection equipment, the protocols and tests that were necessary to protect health care workers in the country must have been in place. The Princess Margaret hospital had to close down one of its wards because  a Covid 19 patient was admitted to the ward and there were no protocols, tests, and no protective equipment for the health care professionals.  Bottom line 200 health care workers had to  be quarantined straining the health care system.  Dr. Sands misled the country.

Dr. Sands on 30th April 2020 contrary to the regulations under the public emergency authorized eh entry of two Americans into The Bahamas in exchange for some Covid 19 tests that he said they brought into the country. He made the country look like a prostitute and banana republic. The Attorney General has confirmed that Dr. Sands does not have the authority in-law to allow the entry and the authority that does have the power has confirmed that he gave no such authority.

The Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis has said that Dr. Sands has to go and we agree.