Dwight Smith Of The Police Staff Association Crosses The Line

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In the ongoing dispute over overtime pay for the police, the Head of the Police Staff Association reportedly published this note.  The first thing that strikes you is the grammar is appalling.  The syntax worse.  So we publish it without further comment.  That about says everything about why we are in the position we are in the country.



Good morning, this issue will must be address, however please note that I Dwight Smith from the 9th of December until 7th January. Further I or as far as I know an elected members sat with the Commissioner or the Government as the court directed to discuss the overtime, are written request by the association and our attorney was not answer to as today’s date 14-01-17. Yes I do have high respect for the Commissioner I nor the association feud with the Commissioner or the Government we present issues on behalf of police officers and at times other law enforcement agencies of mutual interest. Which much of those issue presented have not been address as of to date. I Dwight Smith personally have not received any cheque to be quite in representing officers, hell will have to freeze over! I don’t return to work until Monday, this will be further address publicly. In spite of all the obstacles toss at the Association we still remain Strong and we will call on all officers to stand with us, there must be a change in how we are being treated. Police, Defense, Correctional, Customs and Immigration I encourage you to please register now, your very vote counts. 

Dwight Smith
Executive Chairman
Police Staff Association