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The Progressive Liberal Party is at a distinct disadvantage in the general election stakes. This is not unusual for an opposition party but it bears repeating as the party frantically gets itself organized to face what many believe will be an early general election.  We remind folk though that Hubert Minnis is not an ass and must see the same thing that the PLP sees.  If he calls an election today, he will lose every seat in the country including his own. The people are simply tired of  him and the FNM. So you ask yourself logically why would someone in his position call an early election. The conventional wisdom is that  he has tough choices to  make with the budget so, he will avoid that by making “nicey nicey” to us and then us being so fool as to re-electing him, then he will bring the hammer down after re-elected.  That is what Keith Rowley just did to the people in Trinidad and Tobago last year. But then think of this, you have 14 months and 90 days to go, you could stretch this right out to the end, praying Hail Mary every day, in other words hoping for a miracle to happen. In the end, you get 14 months more in power, you get to fix up the boys and girls before you go and grease your own plate some and if you lose you know hard luck about the problems. It will then be the PLPs and you can blame the PLP for everything. Just saying  this fellow could string us out for along time, spending PLP money which it doesn’t have, and end up when the real deal comes dead broke.