Edgecombe Funeral – Fred Mitchell (MP)

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cialis canada advice times;”>Passionate! Tenacious! A Leader! An Education Advocate! A Consummate Professional! A Disciplinarian!


Any one and all of the above superlatives would have sufficiently and accurately characterized the life, work and general deportment of the late Sandra Edgecombe. And along the way she was a nurturer, a confidante, a wife, mother and friend.


At the time of Sandra’s sudden and unexpected passing, I expressed deep sadness and described the news of her death as shocking and hard to absorb. How could a person so full of life, love and great optimism about the future just up and leave? She loved, life; she loved The Bahamas; she loved her children; she loved education and she loved her family. These are the types of questions that family and friends grapple with under these circumstances.


Our mutual connection was a close friend and mentor, the late Member for Fox Hill, Frank Edgecombe. Sandra was also a personal friend and a faithful soldier in the progressive movement and it was all or none with her. If she could not give an undertaking the requisite time and effort it rightly deserved, she would not participate for she eschewed mediocrity.


Professionally, I worked with her on several policy issues even as an Opposition Parliamentarian and gained great respect for her talents and professional objectivity. She was a beloved and highly respected fixture of the Grand Bahama scene, be it education or social having served as the Principal of Eight Mile Rock Senior High School for nearly a decade and in the Northern Education District, including Abaco and Grand Cay, for some thirty-seven years. During that time she touched literally thousands of lives on multiple levels and she will be sorely missed. 


I extend to her husband Godfrey, their son Garris and the Edgecombe family my deepest condolences on her passing. It only goes to show that death, much like politics, is fortuitous in that we never know the day or the hour so we must be ready. 


May her soul rest in peace.