Edison Key Tells His Side About FNM Plot

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buy cialis times;”> Edison Key MP FNM for South Abaco says that he supports the Leader of the FNM Hubert Minnis not the attempt to unseat him. He said that an unnamed MP for the FNM came to him and tried to persuade him to sign on to an attempt to get the Governor General to remove Hubert Minnis as Leader of the FNM. He said he refused. He defended Senator Loniesha Rolle and what she had to say about those who were seeking to unseat Dr. Minnis:

healing times;”>Here is what The Tribune reported that he said:

She [Senator Rolle] had the right to speak just like everyone else and I support what she had to say,” he said.

As for Dr Minnis, he said he has no problem with his leadership of the FNM.

“I think he’s a gentlemen, someone with experience,” Mr. Key said. “My dealings with him have been very pleasant. I don’t have a problem. People on the outside, ex-ministers and ex-MPs are causing lots of problems in the party. I think they feel left out because they want to take over.

“Every time you look, one of them pops up in the newspaper, expressing what Dr Minnis should be doing and not be doing.”
Mr. Key said it’s time for his party to “wake up” because if it does not, the “PLP will fly in and the FNM will be in major problems.”

And in the debate about whether the FNM should hold a voting convention ahead of the next general election or not, he said another voting convention is unnecessary.

“I don’t care if they don’t have a convention,” he said. “We already had two. Minnis was voted as leader in both. They want a convention every week? The PLP hasn’t had a convention in years.”