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12/05/21 1:06 PM

Michael Pintard, the Leader of the Opposition, had one hour to make his case. The case he was seeking to make was that the PLP was engaged in double speak when they said one thing in Opposition but the reality was that in Government it is was different.  He also charged that the things the PLP was alleging in Government about the FNM in government simply didn’t come up to proof. At every stage, the Acting Prime Minister Glenys Hanna Martin struck back and struck him down. It was a struggle to watch and painful in the result.  The FNM seems lost and just flailing about.  Having suffered such a stunning defeat, it is not surprising, so a  word of advice to them. Perhaps the best thing is to stand still and not flail about.  Stand still until the ground settles. Word to the wise though, it is gonna be some time before the ground settles.


Dominic And Megan Mitchell Celebrate

12/05/21 1:03 PM

A happy gathering of the Mitchell and Johnson clans at the wedding reception of Megan nee Bethel and Dominic Mitchell at Graycliff Humidor. From left Megan, Dominic, Janet Johnson, Cheryl and Matthew Mitchell, Jill and Felicity Johnson. 2 December 2021.

Fred Mitchell, Foreign Minister, at the wedding reception of his nephew Dominic and his wife Megan at the Graycliff Humidor 2 December 2021. Best wishes.



12/05/21 12:47 PM

He was like a crazed man. The former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, now totally stripped of all power, following the convention of the FNM on Saturday 27 November, got up in the House to defend the decision that he made to announce that he wanted to raise Parliamentary salaries. The now Leader of the Opposition Michael Pintard was seeking to distinguish it as not being FNM policy at the time because he made a statement that he ( Mr. Pintard) did not support it.  Unfortunately for Mr. Minnis, he was not answering the question which was : did you say it?  The answer is yes, he did.  Mr. Pintard too missed the point, when Dr. Minnis spoke he was the Prime Minister, and leader of the FNM, so he spoke for all “an em”. We think after the melt down which ended with “ don’t let me get started in here today”, we think its time for Dr, Minnis to resign the seat and go take a rest from politics.  The end is near.



12/05/21 12:47 PM

To say we are proud of what Barbados has done and what their Prime Minster has accomplished in moving from a monarchy to a republic should be regarded as the understatement of the year.  The entire region should have gotten a lift from the action of tiny Barbados and their Prime Minister who showcased herself and her country across the world.

It is not a major step as major steps go.  In the sense that it does not revolutionize Barbadian society, it is not a major step.  However, it is in the psychological and cultural sense a major step.

Jamaica, The Bahamas, St Vincent, Grenada, St Lucia should all have done it.  Just as the Turks and Caicos Islands and the  British Virgin Islands, Monserrat and Anguilla should all now be independent countries.

The great anomaly is Jamaica. They are the big brothers in the region.  They are the dominant cultural power.  They are overwhelmingly African and but for Haiti, there is none other that dwarfs them in that department.  And yet, they remain at the top a deeply conservative society, until recently allowing the rest of the world to criminalize the use by their people of marijuana and with a virulent homophobic ethos and slavish adherence to U S hegemony in the region.

You would have expected that the country with the hardest mouth so to speak would be the first to go.

That honour fell to Trinidad and Tobago to first break the cord. Of course, Dominica did not bother with the monarchy at independence and Guyana got rid of it.  They all got rid of it.

Now it’s up to the rest of us to have Prince Charles come to the podium and say bye bye farewell.

Michael Manley, the former Prime Minister of Jamaica used to say “ it is impatient of debate” And so it is. To quote Lennon and McCartney: “ Her Majesty’s a pretty nice girl but she doesn’t have a lot to say.”