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The response to the announcement that the Bahamar Hotel is to be bought by a Chinese group brought the criticism from the Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis that the Prime Minister was siding with his Chinese allies. ( See Nassau Guardian 29 October) The Leader of the Opposition must be very careful that he is not engaging is racist talk.  The buyer of Bahamar is a normal commercial operation in a normal commercial process.  When the Ocean Club was bought by a Russian, cialis generic no one from the Opposition said the Government was siding with Russians.  So what is the relevance of the owners being Chinese except as a dog whistle and race baiting?  That kind of talk is irresponsible and should cease.  The Prime Minister has delivered on every promise that he gave with regard to Bahamar.  The creditors are paid off.  The employees are paid off.  Ex gratia.  The project is remodelled and is being finished.  A world class operator has been found who will hire thousands of Bahamians.  What else does Dr. Minnis want?  We appeal to his finer nature, please cut it out.