Eileen Carron Gets Beside Herself

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Andrew “Dud “Maynard, the once PLP Chairman and Senator, used to say when people used to say things that showed they were too big for their britches: “you must be smell yourself”.  That’s what we thought when we read an editorial by Eileen Carron in The Tribune on Wednesday 10th February in which she demanded that the FNM have a convention and have it within a month, in order in her view to get the party on the right footing.  It would seem us, and we admit that this is FNM business, that Mrs. Carron is really getting beside herself.  How in the hell she tell Dr. Hubert Minnis duly elected to have a convention when there is no need for one.  He held an election and was duly elected.  Now that the UBO, racial fault line within the FNM has opened up, the UBP faction can’t get their leader Hubert Ingraham to come back and the FNM won’t have him, the Cecil Wallace Whitfield faction of the FNM, i.e. the Blacks are firmly in control of the FNM, suddenly the FNM is not on a good footing.  This is the racism that Tennyson ells spoke about that poor Bret Symonette cannot understand or fathom.  There are none so blind as those who will not see.  Clearly, Mrs. Carron does not have enough to do during the day but daydream of the past.  Huber Ingraham is gone.  He is trying to come back, but even he now is seeking to get a career in international diplomacy now that he has nothing to do in the day but drift up and down from one bar to the next.  His friends say he is even dreaming that one day he will become Secretary General of the United Nations.   Lord help us!