Eileen Carron On Riot Gear From The Chinese

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sildenafil medical times;”>There is an expression about going from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Eileen Carron, sickness who we have called a silly cow from time to time on this site, has now gone farther over the top.  Mrs. Carron., the intrepid editor of The Tribune, seeks to find a sinister motive behind the fact that riot gear has been provided to the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.  We point out what Dr. Bernard Nottage had to say in the House on Wednesday 3rdFebruary when the wicked man Dr. Andre Rollins MP was parroting the same stupid line.  This is not about being at war with the Bahamian people.  Let’s take one simple example.  If there is an outbreak at the Detention Centre would these people want the RBDF to use live bullets to bring it under control?  How damn stupid can you be?