Eileen Carron Responds To Bradley Roberts

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viagra canada ampoule times;”>Eileen Carron was at it again last week, here excoriating Dr. Hubert Minnis as the Leader of the FNM.  The matter was helped along by the scorching attack of Bradley Roberts, Chair of the PLP on her failure to respect Dr. Minnis and to honour his accomplishments.   Here is what Mrs. Carron had to say in reply.  Poor old biddie. Can’t get used to the fact that she doesn’t control anything anymore.  One thing that Dr. Minnis is not an Uncle Tom.  We can’t speak for others like the pair that went calling on her last week Messrs. Hubert Ingraham and Frank Watson.  What one earth could they have gone there for?  They should have told her to take it easy on their   party because she is helping to wreck it.  We shall see:

Unlike the disgraceful horse trading that is now going on behind the scenes in true PLP fashion — never thought we would see the day when it would be adopted by the FNM — we are representing the interest of the Bahamian people. No one has to invite or urge The Tribune to take such a stand when the future of Bahamians and this country is at stake. And just to give Mr. Roberts a short history lesson: This was the reason that The Tribune was founded in 1903. We have not forgotten our roots, and we need no one to suggest to us to take up our pen, especially when we see ruthless politicians playing on the ignorance of less informed Bahamians. 


We have not criticised Dry Minnis as a qualified doctor or well-intentioned person. We give him credit for all of this. However, we do criticise his political skills, which, in our opinion, are non-existent. Even this would not be important if we had a government with the ability to pull the Bahamas back from the economic precipice on which it now teeters. But, it is obvious even to once staunch PLP supporters that the country is in trouble and needs a strong hand at the helm. That hand we do not have in either party. And so it is the political ineptitude of Dr. Minnis himself that inspired us to enter the fray. 


Even the blind would understand that a leader who cannot keep his party together as a cohesive whole, certainly cannot unify and rebuild a nation. It is for this reason that The Tribune has entered the discussion — and for Mr. Roberts’ information we intend to remain in. After all this is our country too. The Tribune has fought too long and sacrificed too much to let it fall into the hands of the remnants of the Pindling years.