Eileen Carron’s Latest On Fred Mitchell

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buy cialis times;”>Fred Mitchell MP has called the preoccupations of Eileen Carron of The Tribune and a few others “an unnatural preoccupation”.  Last week she was at it again in The Tribune with the usual mish mash of untruths and falsehoods about Mr. Mitchell.  So this time, viagra she did it in the context of warning Fred Smith, one of her fellow travelers who operates on the edge.  She was warning Mr. Smith not to join the PLP in order to stop Fred Mitchell from becoming Prime Minister.  Add into the mix that Mr. Mitchell, she says, was at one time a frequent visitor to The Tribune.  Mr. Mitchell remembers only this.  He was called one day out of the blue by Eileen Carron because she was alarmed at a report that a  favourite politician of hers had developed a drinking habit and may have been an alcoholic.  She wanted to discuss the opinion of Mr. Mitchell about that fellow and whether he was in fact a drunkard.  If she pushes Mr. Mitchel, he will tell all.