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70 policemen have been brought in from Nassau to enforce the COVID-19 rules that the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis has imposed on the island of Eleuthera.  He says it’s for their own good.  The cases of Covid have exploded. So now the business community is so pissed they gathered in a demonstration against these lockdowns which have hurt the Eleuthera community.  The MP for Eleuthera Hank Johnson who is a Covid victim himself wanted the lockdowns. Ricky Mackey, the MP for North Eleuthera did not.  He got part of his wish.  Spanish Wells and Harbour Island  were exempted from the lockdown. One rule for the rich, other for the poor. The picture shows something like 200 people waiting for Magistrate’s Court to convene in Grand Bahama. No social distancing there.  And for good measure, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force stopped guarding the border to stop the Dominican fishermen from tiefing our crawfish to go and make sure that Eleutherans didn’t try to get off the island.  What a time! What a time!